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Focus: Student Athletes

Greg White is a foremost motivational speaker for student athletes. He inspires students to find their passions, chase their dreams and rise to the top level— in sports and in life.

Six reasons to invite Greg White to speak at your school:

  1. Help improve graduation rates.
  2. Give student athletes a “check up from the neck up.”
  3. Help support coaches in their day-to-day efforts to mentor students through graduation day.
  4. Help student athletes say “yes” to success.
  5. Provide professional development opportunities for student athletes, coaches and staff.
  6. Boost morale of student athletes who struggle to stay motivated.


Greg’s “Winning Edge” Program will convince students that everybody’s a winner—if they choose to be.

A sampling of some of Greg’s key messages for student athletes:

Ingredients for Success - 5 C’s
  • Communication – the ability to convey your thoughts and ideas to others (listening).
  • Costume – dress for success, develop insatiable pride.
  • Character – integrity, spirituality, elements of a fulfilling life.
  • Challenge – industriousness: set goals and achieve them.
  • Choices - you decide your quality of life, success - failure.

• College Degree: your key to the world, upper 1% club.

• How to Handle Distractions: drugs, alcohol, negative friends, bad influences, etc.

• Being Present: get in the game every day, every time, without FAIL, no exceptions.

• Being on Time: where time is involved, if you’re not early then you’re late.

• Accountability: take responsibility for your attitude and actions.

• Take Advantage of Mentors: faculty, staff, coaches, administrators, etc.

• Game of Life: be a winner, play the hand you’ve been dealt.

• Teamwork: do your part, NCAA compliance.Download The Winning Edge brochure

• Appreciation: attitude of gratitude.


Greg White is the ideal speaker for:

• Student athletes at any level
• Athletic departments
• Coaches and their staff
• Life skills coordinators
• Commencement ceremonies
• Athletic fund-raising events
• Sports banquets
• The general student population


Call 1-855-836-2830 today to learn how you can book Greg for you next event.

Watch Greg in action!

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“If you need a speaker to inspire your people, to do it with passion, to leave them a message that really motivates and moves them...You need Greg White”

~ John Calipari | Head Coach, University of Kentucky

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